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Man page of THC-IPV6


Section: Maintenance Commands (8)
Updated: May 2011
Index of this MAN page

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thc-ipv6 - Tools to play with IPv6  


any-thc-ipv6-tool [-r] other options ...  


Send RAW frames to device (no ethernet frames. this is for tunnels.).


This manual page documents briefly the thc-ipv6

parasite6 <interface> [fake-mac]
This is an "ARP spoofer" for IPv6, redirecting all local traffic to your own system (or nirvana if fake-mac does not exist) by answering falsely to Neighbor Solitication requests, specifying FAKE-MAC results in a local DOS

dos-new-ip6 <interface> This tools prevents new ipv6 interfaces to come up, by sending answers to duplicate ip6 checks (DAD). This results in a DOS for new ipv6 devices.

detect-new-ip6 <interface> [scriptname] This tools detects new ipv6 addresses joining the local network. If scriptname is supplied, it is executed with the detected IPv6 address as option

fake_router6 [-r] <interface> <router-ip-link-local network-address/prefix-length> <mtu> [mac-address] Announce yourself as a router and try to become the default router. If a non-existing mac-address is supplied, this results in a DOS.

fake_advertise6 <interface> <ip-address> [target-address [own-mac-address]] Advertise ipv6 address on the network (with own mac if not defined) sending it to the all-nodes multicast address if no target specified.

fake_mld6 [-r] <interface> <multicast-address> [[target-address] [[ttl] [[own-ip] [own-mac-address]]]] Advertise yourself in a multicast group of your choice.

fake_mipv6 [-r] <interface> <home-address> <home-agent-address> <care-of-address> If the mobile IPv6 home-agent is mis-configured to accept MIPV6 updates without IPSEC, this will redirect all packets for home-address to care-of-address

redir6 [-r] <interface> <src-ip> <target-ip> <original-router> <new-router> [new-router-mac] Implant a route into src-ip, which redirects all traffic to target-ip to new-ip. You must know the router which would handle the route. If the new-router-mac does not exist, this results in a DOS.

smurf6 [-r] <interface> <victim-ip> [multicast-network-address] Smurf the target with icmp echo replies. Target of echo request is the local all-nodes multicast address if not specified

alive6 [-r] <interface> [unicast-or-multicast-address [remote-router]] Shows alive addresses in the segment. If you specify a remote router, the packets are sent with a routing header prefixed by fragmentation

toobig6 [-r] <interface> <target-ip> <existing-ip> <mtu> Implants the specified mtu on the target

rsmurf6 [-r] <interface> <victim-ip> Smurfs the local network of the victim. Note: this depends on an implementation error, currently only verified on Linux (fixed in current versions). Evil: "ff02::1" as victim will DOS your local LAN completely

implementation6 [-r] <interface> <destination> [test-case-number] Performs some ipv6 implementation checks

sendpees6 <interface> <key_length> <prefix> <victim-ip> Send SEND neighbor solicitation messages and make target to verify a lota CGA and RSA signatures.



nmap(1), amap(1), dsniff(8).  


thc-ipv6 was written by van Hauser <vh@thc.org> / THC

The homepage for this toolkit is: http://www.thc.org/thc-ipv6

This manual page was written by Michael Gebetsroither <gebi@grml.org>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).




This document was created by man2html, using the manual pages.
Time: 07:34:21 GMT, September 13, 2011

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