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That's not my RJ45 jack: IRL networking for Humans - Johnny Xmas (ShowMeCon 2015) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

That's not my RJ45 jack: IRL networking for Humans
Johnny Xmas
ShowMeCon 2015

Following close on the heels of last year?s incredibly successful ?Attack Paths: How to Get a Job in Infosec? talk, this instructional session discusses the specifics behind building up the soft skills necessary to effectively socialize and network with other human beings. This seminar will go beyond the obvious ?do this; don?t do that? information and focus heavily on how, where and what to practice in order to refine your skills. While most of the information will apply to all social situations, this seminar will have a career focus (not just InfoSec!), helping to provide information for not only job interviews, but also for professional networking to get those interviews in the first place. Guaranteed to be something in here for everyone, from the Basement Nerd to the Social Engineering Expert.

Bio: Working his way up from literal homelessness to a very successful career in the InfoSec realm with no formal education, @J0hnnyXm4s is here to give you a peek into his bag of social tricks so you, too, can get your foot jammed firmly in the door of the World of Infosec. As the Boss of Level 3 of The Internet, he regularly interviews and places entry-level infosec?ers (infosex0rz?), and is really, really excited about the opportunity to tell you what you?re doing wrong.ÿ While not touring hilarious panels around Midwest anime and gaming cons with @hacks4pancakes, he can often be found tormenting corporate Twitter accounts and founding post-punk neo-industrial trios.

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