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Phreaknic 12 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Phreaknic 12 Videos

        This is an index page for all of the videos from Phreaknic 12. If you presented one of talk please give me a yell so I can link to your site from the video. It was a great time, and I plan to see you all at Phreaknic 2009.

Opening Remarks
What is this Phreaknic you speak of? Who we are, what we are about, and what is this stuff I got for coming to the con? We'll go over the events, hit the highlights, and some general guidelines about attending Phreaknic.

Droops/Morgellon - The Extraordinary Journey from Fundamental Electronics to Fabulous Enchanted Systems with Arduino's and Magical Potions.
Droops and Morgellon will take you from basic electronics to building embedded systems. Learn how to build a standalone RFID tag reader with a fancy LCD display or your own oscilloscope or childrens toys that speak to you or how to solar power a geothermal heat pump. There may even be some giveaways and contests. Magical Potions will be consumed but not provided.

Sorteal - LiVes Open Source video editor
This talk will introduce new users to the LiVES video editor and its vast array of supported formats, both audio and video. Basic and advanced video editing techniques will
be cover as well as the use of real time effects along with their importance and implementation in VJ projects. The unique networking features, the desire to build a strong
community around the project and the openness for developers to expand the project and its functionality will be addressed as well during the talk.

TRiP - Discussion of the legality of wardriving
This talk is to provide a "current" legal status of wardriving throughout the US. The talk will include an overview of wardriving and it's history (wardialing), the statues regulating
all 50 states and how courts have interrupted such statutes, recent arrests for wardriving/related activities, and a brief overview of the international statues.

Handgrip/Buttstock - Open Source AK-47's
Ensuring freedom through greater firepower. How to build yourself a legal, paperwork-free AK47 from salvage parts.

Jack Dreher- Hacking the Mind/Body Connection
This talk will teach you a simple acupressure based algorithm along with a series of visualization exercises that can be used to overcome a wide variety of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual limiting beliefs. While the modality itself can be applied to a multitude of issues this talk will focus on using the techniques to enhance learning and creativity.

Russell Butturini - Using the Hak5 U3 Switchblade as an Incident Response and Forensics Tool
This talk will explain how to adapt the Hak5 switchblade, originally conceived as an attack/pen-testing tool into an incident response and forensics tool using different utilities. Adaptations of the original solution using a non-U3 drive and a more automated solution using U3 technology will be discussed.

Lee Baird/John Skinner - JAIL: Get your iPhone out, and try NOT to get yourself in!
A guide on how to jailbreak your iPhone, install & backup unauthorized apps, and what to do with your iPhone once it's jailbroken.

Scott Milliken/Erin Shelton - Beer Hacking - Real World Examples
You build your own computers from the bare parts. You'd die before paying someone else to actually write a basic HTML page for you. So why is it that you pay up to 10x the actual cost of making beer for something of lesser quality? This presentation will cover the various methods of making your own alcoholic beverages (beer, cider, wine), including the equipment required and approximate setup costs for each. Even if your skill in the kitchen is limited to the microwave, there is a method of brewing that will work for you. Some experimentation tricks will also be covered so that you can literally hack your beer to create a new flavor. Samples of various batches made by the presenters will be available during the presentation, assuming they haven't already drunk all of it.

Bruce Herman - The Art of the Approach: The Steps to Attract Women
I will go through a step by step instruction of getting a womans phone number and date. I will break this down bit by bit to show how to successfully do it. I will go over the things you should do and the things you should never do. Quick over veiws on body language and what yours is saying to the opposite sex.

Irongeek - Hardware Keyloggers: Use, Review, and Stealth
This talk will cover hardware keyloggers and their use. About six will be presented in person for folks to try hands on, with a few others referenced in the slide show (mini-pci ones for example) . I'll cover the advantages and disadvantages of the current crop on the market and how they work. Also covered will be possible ways to detect hardware keyloggers via physical inspection an software.

Daniel Hooper - An Introduction to Software Defined Radio by Cowboy Dan
Software Defined Radio (SDR) is the latest (and possibly last) iteration of radio communication technology. Traditional radio technology is very hardware-oriented, and somewhat inaccessible to the software-hacking community. NO LONGER! With a fixed piece of hardware such as the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP), we can emulate many different kinds of traditional hardware, from CW Morse-code type transmissions, all the way up to digital QAM, HDTV, and beyond. This presentation will demonstrate how to get set up with GNU Radio and the USRP hardware. We will perform a few simple tasks such as receiving radio and TV. The goal is to get most people in the audience comfortable with the setup process so that they can start experimenting.

SkyDog & Crew - Starting your own Hackerspace (Panel Talk)
Got a bunch of hacker/maker friends and wanna do some projects? Start a hackerspace! We'll take you on an adventure as we look back over the last year and reflect on the progress we have made getting our hackerspace started, and share some pitfalls and triumphs along the way. Skydog will be joined by Seeblind, the VP of the HC, Mudflap, the Secretary, and Someninjamaster, a devoted, hardworking member.

Scott Moulton - At Least TEN things you didn't know about your hard drive!
This speech comprises at least 10 things that are 2+2=5 type situations people do not realize about hard drives. For Example, Data is written in Cylinders on hard drives, all partitions are created on Cylinder Boundaries and that leaves an offset from the end of one partition to the next which leaves a gap between partitions that is unusable or free space at the end of the disk. In addition to that, the point would be, since the outer edge of a drive starting at Track 0 is the fastest location on the drive, and the first partition is created on a cylinder boundary at the outside edge, then each and every partition you create on the disk has to be at a cylinder boundary into the disk. This means the second partition is on a slower part of the drive than the first. So for Mac Users that create a 32 gig Fat32 partition on their drive (actually the 6th/7th partition on the drive) is 32 gigs from the end of the drive on a Cylinder boundary and they just installed Windows on the slowest part of the drive. No it will not be animated!

Bruce Potter - Three Cool Security Technologies You've Never Heard Of
This talk will introduce you to 3 cool security technologies that you've probably never been exposed to. There is still innovation going on, and much of the most useful tech isn't getting press time. So I'm going to try and rekindle some of that love you've lost over the years by giving you the 20 minute low-down on each one. Go get some wine, light the candles, sit back, and enjoy security again. What are the 3 technologies? Well, you'll just have to attend the talk to find out.

Nathan Hamiel /Shawn Moyer - Satan is on my Friends List: Attacking Social Networks
Social Networking is shaping up to be the perfect storm... An implicit trust of those in one's network or social circle, a willingness to share information, little or no validation of identity, the ability to run arbitrary code (in the case of user-created apps) with minimal review, and a tag soup of client-side user-generated HTML (Hello? MySpace? 1998 called. It wants its markup vulns back). Yikes. But enough about pwning the kid from homeroom who copied your calc homework. With the rise of business social networking sites, there are now thousands of public profiles with real names and titles of people working for major banks, the defense and aerospace industry, federal agencies, the US Senate... A target-rich and trusting environment for custom-tailored, laser-focused attacks. Our talk will show the results of a series of public experiments aimed at pointing out the security and privacy ramifications of everyone's increasingly open, increasingly connected online personae and the interesting new attack vectors they've created.

David Hickman/Joshua Restivo - The Government Found Child Porn on My PC. Now What?
Most users of the Internet are acquainted with peer to peer filesharing and the amount of pornography available therein and elsewhere on the Internet. Any active filesharing user has likely downloaded some form of child pornography unintentionally. Law enforcement has taken the stance that downloading, possession, and/or distribution of child pornography, even accidental or system compromise, is a crime that will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As a result, there are task forces, which scour p2p networks looking for the hashes of known child pornography. When found, the local jurisdiction is notified to investigate. In many cases these local investigators do not have the computer skills or experience handle the case correctly. Unfortunately, once the computers are seized, the accused automatically inherit the stigma of being associated with this type of crime. Only if they have access to competent defense forensics do they have a chance of avoiding charges, having existing charges dropped or winning their case in court. This talk will concentrate on what happens in the pre-indictment and post-indictment stages of a case from the defense forensics viewpoint.

Darren Kitchen - Lessons Learned in Hacker Media
From e-zine to podcast the world of hacking has been filled with media of all sorts. In this talk I will speak about my experiences and lessons learned in "new media". In particular how they relate to underground culture and our social responsibility to the next generation of security enthusiasts.

Why You Suck

Decius Drunken Rant

Intx80's Performance

Awards and Closing


Thanks to the Phreaknic crew, SkyDog, Lady Merlin and the A/V team SomeNinjaMaster, Night Carnage, Greg, Brimstone, Poiu Poiu, Mudflap, and Drunken Pirate for setting up the rigs and capturing the video.

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