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Comparing “Go Green” With “Common Sense” - Suellen Walker Notacon 11 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Comparing “Go Green” With “Common Sense”
Suellen Walker
Notacon 11

A co-worker once said he didn’t think we should burn our small amount of paper refuse. I said I knew how we could stop ALL pollution. Just imagine the look on his face when I said “Everyone should stop breathing!” While I realize this is not likely to happen, there are some things that are being promoted that may be just as silly. Does it really make sense to limit the amount of water coming out of your shower only to take twice as long to get the shampoo out of your hair or the soap off your body? Is a toilet that flushes automatically saving any water when it does so three times before you exit the stall? Is washing dishes by hand or by machine more efficient. That depends on your needs and other conditions. For answers to these and more questions, see you at Notacon.

Once I complained to the attorney I was working for about the fact that I didn’t have a college education. He said I had something better … Common Sense. When I hear of some people’s ideas of how to “Go Green,” I wonder what barn they were born in. Many times Common Sense wins out even if it may not meet today’s standards. Some of us were “going green” for years before it became the “popular” thing to do. BTW, I earned an Associate degree 10 years later.

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