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"Malware Management Framework" - We detected WinNTI with it! - Michael Gough (BSides Las Vegas 2013) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

"Malware Management Framework" - We detected WinNTI with it! - Michael Gough

With all the security products you use, you still don't have confidence that your networks are malware-free.  And you're right.  They aren't.  You want to know a dirty little secret'  There IS a way to discover the most advanced malware!

This discussion comes straight from the guys in the trenches who have been dealing with real world advanced malware for years. We are not in pristine labs, but the kind of environments that most of us really have, but won't admit in public.  Through our own wins and losses at defending our environments, we have identified what works and what doesn't, and have created the Malware Management Framework: A simple methodology for defending your systems against the most advanced malware. We will cover the Malware Management Framework and provide specific, actionable items on how to use it in your environment with tools you may already have, and free tools you have not yet seen.

If you are responsible for defending a network, and you want to have higher confidence that systems in your environment are malware-free, you need to attend this discussion.

BIOS: Ian and Michael (The Thoughtful Hackers coined by Paul Asidoorian on a PaulDotCom interview) are security professionals and researchers.  They first discovered a critical flaw in a major card key system.  In their real jobs, Ian and Michael are defending against cutting edge advanced malware and researching how to better detect and respond to this ever increasing threat.  Michael's background includes 20 years of security consulting for Fortune 500 organizations, running BSides Texas, and general awesomeness.  Ian's background includes security, networking and software development, and was a former CISO for the State of Texas.  Now Ian and Michael defend against malefactors, nefarious ne'er-do-weller's trying to do nefarious things and trying to p0wn their employer's assets. They can be found on twitter as @MI2Security (Ian) and @HackerHurricane (Michael).


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