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The Pillars of Continuous Incident Response - Brad Garnett BSides Indy 2018 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

The Pillars of Continuous Incident Response
Brad Garnett
BSides Indy 2018

Topic: The Pillars of Continuous Incident Response I. Introduction (5 minutes) A. Background, Experience, & Disclaimer (2 min) 1. Former Law Enforcement (10 years) 2. Former Adjunct Faculty 3. TEDx Speaker 4. Team Leader, Incident Response for Fortune 100 B. Easy Button (3 minutes) 1. Train how you’ll fight, because you’ll fight how you trained. 2. Does your organization, or customer/client even have an Incident Response Plan? 3. How many InfoSec hats do you wear in your organization? a. During your InfoSec career, everyone has responded to an incident. b. Defining your role 4. Reassuring the organization and strategic long-term goals a. Be the calm, reassuring voice b. InfoSec Speak / Exec Speak II. Main (30 minutes) A. Incident Response Plan (10 min) 1. IR Plan Framework 2. CSIRT 3. Reporting, Classification, and Response B. Communication Rhythm (10 min) 1. Coordination of Internal Communications 2. Coordination of External Communications 3. CSIRS Communications Template C. Table Top Exercises (10 min) 1. Testing your Incident Response Plan 2. Types of Table Top Exercises 3. After Action Report III. Closing (5 minutes) A. Plan B. Communicate C. Test IV. Q & A (5 minutes)

Brad Garnett (CCE®, GCFE, GCFA, GNFA) is a Team Leader with Cisco Security Incident Response Services Team where he works with government entities and large organizations on a global scale in preparedness, tactical response to computer intrusions, and emerging cyber threats. Brad began his cybersecurity career, while working in law enforcement in the State of Indiana. Ten years later, he transitioned to the private sector. Brad has investigated numerous computer crimes and performed forensic analysis on a wide range of digital mediums. Brad’s vast experience, training, and education come from a blend of his law enforcement and technology background. Brad serves on the board of directors for his local public education foundation and is a 2016 TEDx speaker. When Brad isn’t fighting evil or teaching, he enjoys his family, cons, running, airshows, and coaching youth football.

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