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@taco_pirate's Art of Woo - Ben Carroll BSides Detroit 2018 (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

@taco_pirate's Art of Woo
Ben Carroll

The InfoSec community is always looking for the "next big thing". The next piece of technology to bridge the gap between their program and success. However, technology isn,t the largest gap in InfoSec; communication is. Technology is further disconnecting an already introverted industry. Spending time at any conference can illustrate just how far removed many of the people are from social reality and how to competently communicate in it. It is my intention to identify the chasm in social skills to help the audience receive confidence that they can move forward and make a lasting impact on their program. The talk will focus on quickly identifying how technology has impacted communications skills across various different situations. There are four major conversational skills I believe will benefit the industry. The first will be communicating to get a job (before and during interview), the second will be how to communicate your ideas to your teammates (the most vital skill), the third will be communicating with your management team (to get funding to implement ideas), and the fourth will be anticipating debate. The better the industry can communicate, the more effective they will be at solving problems; together.

Benjamin is an employee at a large utility in Michigan. Starting from modding Xbox,s at a young age, building websites in his free time, and hacking people for fun, he finally found himself in cyber security. He is now an advocate for cyber security education, as well as educating himself in every aspect of information security. His new passion has been studying how technology is affecting communication in modern culture.

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