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Advanced Data Recovery Forensic (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)

Advanced Data Recovery Forensic
Scott Moulton

        Every hard drive will die a quick and sudden death sooner rather than later. What happens after that death can be very important to your data and become the deciding factor in its survival. Forensics relies on the data, because without it there is no case. I will display the inner workings of a hard drive in a beautiful animation and discuss the successes and failures in rebuilding a hard drive and recovering the data. I will teach you what to look for and how to accomplish this task on your own so you might be able to recover your own data without sending it to an expensive recovery house. We will delve into the platters and heads to show you when there is a good probability of success. The animated presentations will make it clear how a hard drive works and educates you on the interworking most forensic experts donít know!

Speaker: Scott Moulton is president of Forensic Strategy Services, LLC and the lead recovery expert for a data recovery company called My Hard Drive Died.com. Mr. Moulton began his forensic career with a specialty in rebuilding and repairing hard drives for legal cases. Many times while working on a case, Mr. Moulton will be given hard drives that had already failed in an effort to *blame* the opposition or to impede performance and increase the cost to the opposition.

        Scott Moulton has successfully rebuilt and performed recoveries for many investigations and has given depositions and testified in many complex cases involving homicide, embezzlement, theft, divorce, child pornography and corporate fraud, among others. Mr. Moulton has also been involved in a precedence setting case about port scanning. In addition Mr. Moulton currently holds a private investigator license in the state of Georgia.


Download link: http://blip.tv/file/get/Irongeek-2009LMIScottMoulton794.mp4

Descriptions and details from http://www.louisvilleinfosec.com, with small edits.
Thanks to Lee Pfeiffer and the student volunteers for handling the video the day of the conference, and Brian Blankenship for editing the videos.

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