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Louisville Metro  Metasploit Class - May 8th 2010

Louisville Metro Metasploit Class - May 8th 2010


Videos are posted here

The  Kentuckiana ISSA will be putting on a 6.5 hour Metasploit class on May 8th 2010 from 10am to 4:30pm at the Jeffersonville Public Library. The event will be organized somewhat like the IndySec Metasploit event was. The class is being held for charity, all that we ask is that you:

Please note, all seats are now filled. No more RSVPs please. Also, I'm emailing people with more information, make sure you entered a valid email. I had 4 bounce. I need to send out the new venue when one is decided.

Note 2:
Hello All,
We have a location for the Metasploit Class:

Brown Hotel - the Gallery on the 16th floor
335 West Broadway - Louisville, KY 40202
10AM to 5PM

I'm not big on downtown Louisville, but at least the food should be good (provided courtesy of ISSA Kentuckiana and TippingPoint).


Hello all,
First, I'd like to apologize for all of the confusion. We had a mix up with the RSVP system, and no one was responding to the RSVPs until recently. If you are receiving this message, you have a seat at the class (or are someone I know is an interested party), so don't forget to donate the $10 to HFC.
I'm looking into getting a better reg system for future classes (Fixing the OWASP Top 10 is my current plan)

We original intended to cut off the class at 50, but since no one responded we ended up getting about 70. We did not want to have to turn away that many people, especial since some already donated to Johny's charity. As such, we are looking to find a different place to hold the class. We will announce the new venue shortly. That said, a few more notes:

1. Martin of the BT4 team will be putting up a VM box for people to attack using the images provided by IndySec (thanks guys), but with 70 people hacking away, the VM server may "fall down go boom". As such, if you can, you may want to set up some local VMs as instructed under "Required Material" here:

2. If you have them, bring power strips for your laptops.

3. Make sure you install Metasploit on your laptop before you come to class:
Or, better yet, install VMPlayer:
and use the BackTrack 4 VM:
I will be using the BT4 VM for my sections of the class.

Thanks to:
The ISSA Officers for getting this organized
The Speakers: David "ReL1K" Kennedy, Martin "PureHate" Bos, Elliott "Nullthreat" Cutright, pwrcycle
Tippingpoint for Lunch
HD Moore and crew for the tools
Metasploit Unleashed/Offensive Security team for the docs
Johnny Long for the charity work
Bunch of others who I'm forgetting, but who also helped...

ISSA Kentuckiana High Muck-Muck of InfoSec Education


1. Reserve a seat by emailing programs (at) issa-kentuckiana.org. We need you to do this so we don't overbook the room, and know how many lunches to order once we find a sponsor for the lunches.
2. Donate at least $10 to the Hackers For Charity Kenya food for work program via their link cloud: http://www.hackersforcharity.org/food-program/
3. Bring a print out showing that you donated, though we are mostly going on the honor system.

    We would appreciate it if when you use the link cloud that you link to this page with the text "Louisville Metasploit Class" so that the event receives more advertising/attention, but what you put on the HFC donor cloud is ultimately up to you. We will be basing much of the information on the Metasploit Unleashed documentation from Offensive Security.

The following people will be leading the class:

David "ReL1K" Kennedy http://www.secmaniac.com/
Martin "PureHate" Bos (of the Backtrack 4 team) http://tools.question-defense.com
Elliott "Nullthreat" Cutright http://twitter.com/Nullthreat
pwrcycle http://twitter.com/pwrcycle
Adrian "Irongeek" Crenshaw http://irongeek.com

Hopefully all of the above will be able to make it. This page will be updated as we get closer to the event, but for now here is a rough schedule:

Time Topic Speaker
10am Intro to Metasploit Irongeek
11am db_autopwn/Vulnerability Scanning/Nmap integration pwrcycle
Noon Lunch, playtime, and a little about AV bypass Irongeek
1PM Fuzzer and Exploit Dev Nullthreat
2PM Post exploitation/Meterpreter PureHate
Fast-Track/Set ReL1K
till they
kick us
Closing and more time to play, Dave's time slot will likely extend into this area.  
post 5pm Richo's for beer?  

Core information:

Metasploit Class
May 8th 2010 from 10am to 4:30pm
Jeffersonville Public Library
211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, IN‎

For those few you interested in CPE there will be a sign in sheet to receive credit.

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